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Advisory Collective
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At our core 31T focuses on connecting extraordinary executives and professionals with scaling organizations – but we are so much more. We have established a collective of industry experts that allow us to constantly learn insights, challenges, changes and trends to the market and industry. Having a network of subject matter experts allows us to consult effectively and achieve happier, healthier, more inclusive workplaces.

Throughout our tenure of building high performing teams, we have identified a few key areas where our clients are consistently requesting support in order to achieve happier, healthier more inclusive workplaces. These include Diversity, Equity,Inclusion and Belonging, Leadership Development and New Market Expansion. Our due diligence in these spaces have allowed us to partner with companies and professionals who are incredible at what they do and we are proud to bring their expertise to our client portfolio.

Advisory collective
Advisory Collective
Diversity, Equity,
Inclusion and Belonging

For employees and prospective talent, DEI&B is no longer a preference; it’s a requirement. 

With a combined background that includes neuroscience, design thinking, strategic execution, multigenerational and multicultural savvy, our strategic partners aim to empower meaningful change within organizations. 

Looking for company-wide DEI&B training? Ready to enlist the support of a Fractional Chief Inclusion Officer? See below to learn about our offerings for Individual, Team and Enterprise training through Strata RMK.

Strata X 31T DEI&B
Individual Level Offering
For candidates who will be placed into a people manager role
2-hour individual session with Strata team of experts
Focus on inclusive & equitable leadership development 
Customized based on factors including tenure, whether you’re a new or seasoned manager, the size & makeup of the team you'll be managing, any timely concerns related to managing a team in the current climate(e.g., hybrid/remote, social justice movements, etc.)
Team Level Offering
For empowering inclusive teams
Custom workshops fostering greater cognitive & behavioral intentionality within team dynamics around
Psychological safety
Equitable practices & processes
Inclusive feedback & communication
Activating allyship
Company Level Offering
For organizations ready for non-performative, data-driven, and sustainable change
Expert facilitation of foundational DEI&B training and deeper-dive topics (e.g., gender inclusivity, multigenerational workforces, combating microaggressions with microcompassions, and more) 
Employee Engagement & Statistical Measurement / Analysis
DEI&B audit of your employee journey (from candidate experience, through employee experience, ending with alumni experience)
Leadership Development
Advisory Collective
Leadership Development

Continuous up skilling of employees is becoming an economic imperative. With not only technical skills, but soft skills such as critical thinking, communication and presentation skills, not performing at a required standard, can leave companies in a vulnerable position. 

With this in mind, in collaboration with our hand picked partners and our Head of Executive Leadership Solutions, we have curated a number of workshops, assessments and coaching opportunities to create fewer gaps, drive an increase in productivity and to culturally create a happier, more resilient environment.

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International Expansion
Advisory Collective
International Expansion

Over our years of building teams, we have worked with several companies who look to grow by launching into a new market, nationally and internationally. Given our collective experience and knowledge in this space, we know this is no easy task and that in fact this involves a lot of time, research and investment to achieve new market expansion successfully.

Whether your company is a startup or a scaling brand /business ready to expand, leverage our network of professional service providers to gain the local market knowledge required to be successful.

To learn more about how we can help build your initial team on the ground and set you up for success as you launch into your new market.

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