Get the flexible talent solutions you need now to tackle your product, marketing, design and Tech challenges with 31T Flex.
31T Flex
Direct Hire solutions for Leadership and expertise for every stage of growth

We empower organizations with bar raising TALENT and progressive expansion solutions

Lean on us for your Freelance and Fractional Talent needs and engage quickly with experienced professionals, hand-picked to support your new or existing projects, all wrapped up in one all-encompassing hourly rate. Our flexible network of freelance and fractional talent is a “hit the ground running” solution that complements your existing team.

Need to quickly fill a gap due to an organizational shift or leave of absence? Win a new client and need additional hands now? Need a strategic boost but can’t afford to add a full-time executive to your company? 31T Flex can help.

31T Flex
31T Flex

Our freelance offering covers talent within the functions of product, design, marketing, and technology. This flexible model allows you to ramp freelance support up or down based on the needs of your business, without adding to headcount or having to take on payroll.

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fractional executives
31T Flex
Fractional Executives

The concept of fractional talent allows companies to acquire experienced executives, for a fraction of the cost, and in a flexible manner. 31T is pioneering this concept in the Creative and Marketing spaces, allowing companies of all sizes to benefit from those who have been there and done that, via hourly or project rates. Bring on a CMO, CCO, CXO, CTO, CBO, or CIO, in addition to leaders within Strategy, Creative, Marketing, Technology and PR/Communications.

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